Leave the spreadsheets behind

Take control of your media relationships with Public Address

Why is it that the development of new tools for media relations seemed to stop when we moved media contact databases to Excel? Wasn’t that way back in 1999?

Shouldn’t there be a better way to pitch media and track your interactions with them then a mess of Excel spreadsheets and some handwritten notes?

We feel your pain and have lived through your frustration, so that’s why we’ve built a media relations toolkit for the modern media world.

The toolkit built by PR professionals for PR professionals.

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How does Public Address work?


Craft your media list and upload it to Public Address. Combine multiple lists into one master list for your big campaigns or fine-tune your existing lists using our list manager.


Send a pitch directly to a single journalist, or customise your pitch for every single journalist on a distribution list and, with the click of a button, distribute every pitch.

Follow Up

Use our campaign dashboard to track activity and prioritise which journalists to follow up. See all interactions in one place across your whole team.


Keep track of every media engagement with a searchable history of your past story pitches and announcements

Who is Public Address for?

We’ve got solutions for everyone from freelancers, to in-house teams and large agencies. We want you to focus on crafting the perfect pitch, rather than flitting away precious hours in spreadsheets and emails.

Public Address is created for the PR professionals that want to embrace technology, simplify their media engagement processes and get back to the art of media relations.

Why Public Address?

  • Your media relations toolkit – cut hours of work out of every pitch
  • Built by Public Relations professionals, for Public Relations professionals – we understand your challenges
  • Designed in consultation with, and endorsed by, leading journalists
  • Australian owned and operated
  • Enterprise-grade security to protect your information

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Level up your PR game

We’ve designed a platform that is simple to use and takes the hassle out of pitching media. Say goodbye to Excel and get involved in the new way to engage with your media contacts. So, are you ready?