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Public Address is the media relations toolkit you’ve been missing. Pitch, follow up and collaborate with your team in one place.

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Two powerful modes for every pitch

Story pitch

Pitch your story directly to your individual contacts and get notified every time your pitch is viewed.


Make an announcement to 2-200 journalists and personalise it to each one with the click of a button.

How does Public Address work?


Craft your media list, upload it to Public Address. Combine multiple lists into one master list for your big campaigns or fine-tune your existing lists using our list manager.


Send a pitch directly to a single journalist, or customise your pitch for every single journalist on a distribution list and with the click of a button, distribute every pitch.

Follow Up

Use our campaign dashboard to track activity, leverage one-touch follow up to make follow up a breeze and our proprietary pitch perfect algorithm to follow up with the right journalists at the right time.

Introducing PitchView

PitchView is Public Address’ proprietary pitch tracking technology which alerts you whenever a story pitch you’ve sent via Public Address is viewed by a journalist. Our PitchView technology works seamlessly in the background so that you’re kept up to date on crucial story pitches, and receive email, browser or SMS notifications with those critical updates.

If you’re sending out an announcement or setting up a campaign, you can choose which journalists you receive an alert for, so you can stay focused on the targets which matter to you the most.

Our unique collaboration tools mean that you can share the status of selected pitches with your team members, and they can access a full pitch history using our timeline feature.

Who is Public Address for?

We’ve got solutions for everyone from freelancers, in-house teams and large agencies. With a suite of media relations tools as powerful as you are, you’ll be securing more coverage than ever in no time at all.

Plans for Public Address start from $35 per month for a single user and scale with the size of your business.

Why Public Address?

  • Enterprise-grade security to protect your information
  • Your media relations super-power – cut hours of work out of every pitch
  • Dedicated customer support team standing by to help you succeed
  • Built by Public Relations professionals, for Public Relations professionals
  • Designed in consultation with, and endorsed by, leading journalists

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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about what we do? There’s some of the most frequently asked questions below:

We’ve built Public Address with input from over 50 Australian journalists who have given feedback on every element of the platform.

Our proprietary pitch tracking technology works seamlessly and invisibly in the background to notify you every time a journalist opens your email and clicks on a link. PitchView is the next evolution of industry-standard email tracking technology which we’ve improved to increase reliability, accuracy and fine-tuned so it delivers the information PR professionals need most.

Our customers cover every spectrum of Public Relations, from small boutique consultancies through to multi-national companies and agencies who use it to supercharge their media relations.

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