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For media professionals

Q: What is Public Address?

A: Public Address is a campaign management tool for Public Relations professionals, which is used to create multimedia releases, distribute these to media and analyze the effectiveness of these campaigns.

Q: Why have I received an email from Public Address? 

A: You’ve received an email from Public Address because a public relations professional has identified they think you’d be interested in a story they’re pitching to media. If you’re not interested, simply click ‘I’m not interested in this story’ and the public relations professional will be notified.

Q: Does Public Address track my interactions with a media release?

 Q: Yes. When you click through to a Public Address media release, the public relations professional who distributed this to you is notified, to help them better target their follow up with journalists. Clicking ‘I’m not interested’ helps notify public relations professionals that the media release they’re pitching isn’t of interest to you and reduces the likelihood you’ll receive a follow up call.

Q: What does Public Address do with my data?

A: When you click through on a Public Address media release, we store who clicked through on the release, when, and what the topic of the media release is. We collect this data for the sole purpose of improving your interactions with Public Address, through assisting public relations professionals to communicate with you at times which work best for you, about subject matters you appear to be interested in.

At all times your data is stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

In the coming months we’re planning to launch the ability for you to create an account and set preferences around how public relations professionals communicate with you. If you’re interested in subscribing to this free service when it’s available, please sign up for our media mailing list.

Q: What does your cookie track?

A: We use cookies, a small data file stored on your computer, to monitor your engagement with Public Address media releases. This enables Public Address to provide better feedback to public relations professionals about interactions with their Public Address media releases, such as when their media release is being viewed, by whom and provide this data through to the public relations professional.

For Public Relations professionals

Q: What is Public Address?

A: Public Address is a campaign management tool for Public Relations professionals to develop a multi-media release, pitch this to journalists, manage the follow up and improve the results of your media relations campaigns.

Q: What is a Public Address multi-media release?

A: Our platform enables you to easily create a multi-media release which rich visual content, including text, images, video and audio, then share this with the media. Journalists are also able to easily schedule interviews through our interview scheduling tool and request further information through the multi-media release.

Q: Does Public Address distribute emails for me?

A: When you use Public Address, your emails are sent via our server to the journalists on your media release. This helps ensure that you’re able to receive tracking data from your pitches, such as whether the email has been delivered, who has clicked through to the website, whether they’re interested or away on leave.

Our servers are set up to optimize email deliverability, and they’ll appear as if they’ve come from your email address.

Q: What happens if someone replies to an email sent from Public Address?

A: If someone replies to the email you’ve sent through Public Address, we’ll forward this reply to the person who distributed the campaign, after screening for bounce-backs and out-of-office auto-replies, which are recorded on the campaign monitoring dashboard.