Public Address - your one-stop campaign management solution

Public Address is designed from the ground up to do one thing only - and to do it incredibly well. Our mission is to help Public Relations firms and practitioners communicate better with the media, through using technology to create efficiencies and more streamlined pitching processes. 

There are four main features which enable Public Address users to focus on delivering for their stakeholders.

create Media friendly digital releases with blueprint

Share your media release copy, video, pictures and audio content with journalists through Blueprint, our easy multi-media release generating tool, which makes the materials journalists need to write your story easily accessible in high-resolution and in real time. Using Public Address saves journalists time, making it easier for them to focus on writing your story.

Your digital media release also includes the ability to book interviews with your spokespeople, smart call-back which centralises requests for further information, links to previous coverage to provide context, and smart analytics.

Analytics image.png


Coordinate and tracking pitching across your team with Diffuse, your digital pitch manager. Track every media outreach on Public Address, ensuring that no opportunities for follow up fall through the cracks - leaving you free to focus on delivering for your client.

Advanced analytics allow you to track information such as open rates, dwell times and on-page times for media on your distribution lists, helping you target follow up to those most interested in your story.

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No more newswires. Time your automated delivery to the second through Public Address, ensuring that every journalist on your distribution list receives the right content, at the right time, in the right format. 

Pre-programmed pitching schedules save your team time and effort, allowing them to focus on following up with media. 

Interview scheduling image.png

One click interview scheduling

(Coming Soon)

Protect your spokesperson's privacy and make interview scheduling easier for everyone involved with Public Address' one-click interview scheduling. 

One-time use conference numbers ensure your spokesperson's direct-dial details aren't revealed to media, and allow unlimited observers to join the call for feedback. One-click scheduling provides media and spokespeople with a calendar note containing call details and relevant information.

You'll also be able to add an automated call recording for both parties, and a near real-time automated transcription service to make it easier for the media to write your story.