For Journalists

Hello… have you read my email yet?

We know this is a frustrating occurance for journalists – one that happens way too often. This is why we’ve built a simple tool to help PR folk track their interactions with you and focus on pitching you better stories.

Public Address is designed to make your day easier

After consultation with over 50 journalists, we’ve understood the challenges and frustrations that journalists are up against.

We’ve built Public Address to allow the PR sector to focus more on quality rather than quantity, and deliver pitches that are more relevant to you. Better pitches means better stories for your readers.

We’ve been focusing on building out our core functionality, but there’s plenty more to come and we’re excited to have a range of features in the works that are designed to take the hassle out of media relations.

Got questions? We’ve got answers

Yes. When you click through to a Public Address media release, the public relations professional who distributed this to you is notified, to help them better target their follow up with journalists.

We’re tracking this data to better inform future pitches – and reduce the number of unwanted pitches in your inbox.

When you click through on a Public Address media release, we store who clicked through on the release, when, and what the topic of the media release is. We collect this data for the sole purpose of improving your interactions with Public Address, through assisting PR professionals to communicate with you at times which work best for you, and about subject matters you appear to be interested in.
At all times your data is stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

In the coming months we’re planning to launch the ability for you to create an account and set preferences around how public relations professionals communicate with you. If you’re interested in subscribing to this free service when it’s available, please contact us.