Let's talk about how we manage a PR campaign today 

A mess of excel spreadsheets. Missed follow up opportunities. Interviews delayed or cancelled because of confusion over who was calling whom. Pictures lost in transmission. Near impossible to quantify or share data with your clients. And journalists driven crazy by incessant pitching with no easy opt-out.

It's time we tried something different.

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Create your media-friendly digital releases with blueprint

 Share your media release copy, video, pictures and audio content with journalists - make the materials they need to write your story easily accessible in high-resolution and in real time.

Every minute counts, and journalists no longer want to spend precious time chasing you for the right images - or negotiating what platform to share it through.

Blueprint saves your time, and journalists time, making it easier for them to focus on writing your story.

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Advanced analytics

Public Address tracks user activity on your digital media release, helping you target your follow up to journalists who are interested in your story and journalists who aren't interested in your story provide this in a one-click response button in your pitches.

Coordinate and track pitching across your team and report progress to your client through the Public Address pitch manager, ensuring no follow up opportunities fall through the cracks - leaving you free to focus on delivering for your client.

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automated distribution with diffuse

No more newswires. Access automated, personalised, distribution, at scale. Public Address allows you to target journalists with precision timing through pre-programmed pitching schedules. 

Ensure every journalist on your distribution lists receives the right materials, at the right time, addressed to them, individually.

And give them the opt-out with one-click buttons so media can tell you which stories they're inter

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one click interview scheduling

(Coming soon)

Make interview scheduling easier for everyone involved through one-click interview scheduling on your digital media release, and protect your spokesperson's anonymity with one-time use conference numbers. 

Once scheduled, Public Address provides media and spokespeople with a calendar note containing the call details and relevant materials, as well as an automated recording of the call for both parties and automated transcription service. 

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