For PR professionals

With a shrinking media landscape, it’s never been more important to land that perfect pitch.

Explore the features below to see how you can up your PR game.

Two powerful modes to chose from:

Story Pitch

Send a targeted pitch email to a single journalist from a simple web interface. A story pitch appears to a journalist just like it came straight out of your Gmail or Outlook, while still packing Public Address’ proprietary PitchView technology and industry-leading collaboration features.


Make customising pitches to media the easiest part of your job using our announcement mode. You can deliver an announcement to 2-1000 journalists and personalise it to each one with the click of a button.

Every mode is packed with powerful features

Email integration

Public Address integrates directly with your email server so that journalists receive emails directly from you. We integrate directly with Gmail, Office 365 and most popular email services.

Powerful Analytics

Our powerful analytics give you data on opens, click-throughs, and engagement with every pitch.


Keep track of every interaction a journalist has with your Story Pitch or Announcement. You can follow up, manage exclusives, and coordinate with the rest of your team virtually.


Our notifications keep you up-to-date with critical information on your pitch, when you need it. Choose SMS or email and let us help you keep on top of your pitching.

Pitch Perfect

Our machine-learning algorithm helps you target follow up to the media who are most interested in your story, leveraging hundreds unique data points to optimise follow up recommendations.


Use a central dashboard to coordinate follow up across your team and share notes on potential story leads across locations. Access history on each past pitch to maximise every media outreach.


With Storyline you have access to detailed timelines of every single pitch, so that you can focus on the moments that matter most and target journalists at the best times.

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