Why am I seeing a ‘This app isn’t verified’ message from Google?

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If your employer uses G Suite Enterprise and you sign up for a premium subscription, you’ll need to ask your domain administrator to whitelist the Public Address platform to enable our application to check for replies to emails you’ve sent using Public Address.

Once your employer has whitelisted Public Address, the owner of your platform will need to confirm this under Platform Management.

If your platform owner has selected ‘Verify’ without the domain being whitelisted, you may see a message form Google saying ‘This app isn’t verified.’ Don’t worry, it’s completely safe to continue to use Public Address.

In order to do so immediately, please select ‘Advanced’ and then select ‘Go to Public Address.’

Don’t worry, your data is completely safe and Public Address is built from the ground up with industry leading security and authentication mechanisms to keep your data safe and secure. Public Address will be completing the Google verification process for this integration in the future, however, Google charges in excess of $100,000 Australian dollars to do so.

If you or your users continue to see this screen when connecting their account, please log a support ticket at support@publicaddress.com.au and our team will reach out to help you through the domain whitelisting process.

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