How do I add a media list to Public Address?

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To add a new media list to Public Address, navigate to ‘List Manager’ and click on the plus icon in the top right corner. You can either select to upload a new excel list, or to add a new list. Choosing to just add a new list will create a blank list where you can manually enter contacts.

When you select to upload a new excel list, we will open a dialogue which notifies you we use an external process to import contacts and asks for confirmation if you would like to continue. 

Once you’ve opened our media list importer, you  will see that you can either drag and drop a file into the window, or click Upload Data from File to open your file explorer.  

Once you’ve selected a file or dragged and dropped it into the window, it will be uploaded and processing will start immediately. Depending on the size of your file and the number of contacts, it can take 5-10 seconds for the processing to complete. 

If the file you uploaded has more than one sheet it will ask you to confirm which sheet the contacts are on. It will then ask you to confirm if the first row in your spreadsheet contains column names. The upload will then take you to the matching screen, where you will match the column headings to the data points needed for using this list with Public Address.

You’ll see that Public Address has automatically matched most of the columns to fields on our list manager. On the left hand side, you’ll see the column name in the spreadsheet and in the right hand side you’ll see our name for that column.

Where we haven’t been able to automatically match this column, you’ll see that you can drop this list down and choose what field matches this column. If we haven’t correctly matched this data, you can also select the drop down menu to select the right data. 

You’ll also see that we can choose to ignore a column and not import it. Once you’ve matched all of the fields you can click ‘Review’ and proceed to a final checking phase. 

We’ll show you the final data which we have matched to the fields in our database and you can double click on an entry to edit it. Don’t worry – you’re also able to edit data in our database once you’ve finished uploading the list. 

Hit continue, and we’ll turn that data into a media list on our platform and ask you to name the media list. Choose a name which will make sense to you and your team on the platform.

We understand that you may encounter issues when you first upload a contact list to Public Address and we’re here to help. You can chat with us through the messenger icon on the bottom right, call us on 1300 518 048 or email us at support@publicaddress.com.au

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