How do I send a pitch to a single journalist?

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Send your first Story Pitch with Public Address’ CEO Shane Allison

We’re all sending targeted pitches more than ever before, and Public Address’ solution to this is Story Pitches – a simple and elegant way to send a pitch to a single journalist.

Start off by selecting ‘Create New’ and select ‘Story Pitch.’ 

When you’re entering a journalist name’s, you’ll see that Public Address offers selections based on your contacts and those in media lists you’ve uploaded. You can also just enter a journalist’s name and copy their email address into the field. Add in a subject line and the body of your email as you normally would, and you will see that your signature has been pre-loaded into Public Address. 

You can attach files to your email – either by clicking on the dropzone, or dragging and dropping files in and you can also choose to send these files as links or as traditional attachments. When you upload an attachment that is larger than 3.5mb, you will see that Public Address automatically sends this as a link – more information about this feature is available here.

Sending a link as an attachment reduces the risk of your email being caught up as spam, and also enables you to track downloads and engagements with that file, so you can see more activity on each pitch. 

You can also elect to “Receive notifications”.  When you select this, our PitchView technology works seamlessly in the background keeping you up to date with crucial updates via text messages or email, depending on what you have selected in your user settings. 

Finally, you can choose to set the pitch to ‘Send Privately.’ Private Mode will prevent anyone else on your platform from being able to see the pitch email that you’ve sent or the responses. Don’t worry, you can change this later on if you decide to make it private or share it with your team. 

Congratulations! Your pitch is ready to go – you can hit ‘save draft,’ or select ‘send now’ to send it immediately. 

You’re also able to use the arrow to schedule your pitch to be sent later – use this by selecting ‘schedule send,’ which will open a dialogue where you can choose the time and date for this pitch to be sent. 

Perfect that’s it! You’re now set to send out Story pitches.

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