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Join Public Address’ CEO and co-founder Shane Allison for a guided tour of sending your first announcement on Public Address

Creating an announcement

Sending an Announcement is the simple way to send customised pitches to a media list of journalists you’ve uploaded previously, or to a set of journalists from your contacts.

Start by creating a name for this announcement – this name is only used internally, so you can be as descriptive as you like so that you and your colleagues can find it easily later.

Adding journalists to your announcement

The easiest way to select the journalists you’ll send this pitch too is by selecting a media list that you’ve created earlier. You can either select a list from the drop down menu or type the name of a list to pull it up to the top of the list.

You can also add journalists by typing a journalist name into the enter emails box – you’ll see that it auto completes the emails based on the journalist’s name or email. You can also copy and paste emails directly from excel or another document, as long as they’re separated by commas.   

Drafting your pitch

Now for your email – add in a subject line and the body of your email as you normally would. Here you will be writing the default email that will be sent to all recipients. Here you can use ‘|First Name|’ which will be replaced with the journalists’ first name from the media list allowing the emails to be customized to each recipient. 

You can also choose to send these files as links or as traditional attachments. 

Sending a link as an attachment reduces the risk of your email being caught up as spam, and also enables you to track downloads and engagements with that file, so you can see more activity on each pitch. When you are sending large attachments we’ll automatically convert your attachment to a link which the journalist can use to access the file, for more information about this read our help article here.

Finally, you can select ‘Set announcement to private’ in order to make that announcement only visible to you. This means that no other users of your Public Address platform will be able to the pitch, replies or notes on this announcement.

Saving a draft and choosing your send time

Your announcement is nearly ready to go – you can hit ‘save draft’, or select ‘edit pitches and send now’ allowing you to move forward to edit pitches. 

You’re also able to use the arrow to send all of the pitches to your list later – use this by selecting ‘edit pitches and schedule’, which will open a dialogue where you can choose the time and date for this announcement to be sent. After confirming the time and date hit ‘schedule send’ allowing you to move forward to edit each of the pitches. 

Editing pitches

You’ll now be taken to the edit pitches screen, where you can customise each of the pitches that you have in this announcement, turn notifications on or off, make the pitch private and change the date and time of each pitch.

You’ll see that all pitches are either set as standard or error. If a pitch has an error, we haven’t been able to merge a name into that pitch – so you need to edit it to make sure it has the right name for that journalist. If it shows standard – the merge has been successful. Don’t worry – if you try to send an announcement with errors in it we’ll show you a warning before you send this.

Simply click on the pencil icon to customise the pitch for that journalist – for example – you might want to reference some recent coverage, a story you worked on together previously or anything else that is relevant to that journalist. Once you’ve customised the pitch, you’ll see that it now shows ‘customised’ where it used to say ‘standard.’

You can turn our PitchView notifications on for individual pitches as well. When you select this, our PitchView technology works seamlessly in the background keeping you up to date with crucial updates via text messages or email, depending on what you have selected in your user settings. 

You can also turn private mode on or off for each pitch that you have in this announcement, which will prevent other users from seeing this pitch or replies. 

You’re also able to adjust the date or time of one or more pitches, delete a pitch, turn notifications off or on, or make pitches private by selecting the pitch or pitches using the checkbox on the left. 

You are also able to add more journalists to this announcement. The plus button on the top right allows you to add another media list, which will be sent your default pitch, or add an individual contact by typing in the contacts name and email, or selecting an existing contact. 

Your announcement is now ready to go – you can hit ‘save draft’, or if you are ready to send the announcement you can hit ‘send’.

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