How do I use the full features of Public Address with my G Suite account?

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The Public Address application requires access to be able to perform certain actions in your email account in order to provide the full benefit of a premium subscription. Google refers to these actions as ‘scopes,’ for example, when you first connect your Google account we request access to the gmail.send scope, which allows you to send email from your email account, inside the Public Address application.

Some of these scopes require your administrator to approve access, and until your IT administrator approves this access, you’ll see an application unverified warning from Google. More information about this message is available here.

When you sign up for the plan, we’ll ask only for sensitive scopes, which don’t require administrator approval. But to unlock the full features of Public Address and display replies from journalists inside the application, you’ll need your domain administrator do complete a process called Whitelisting and enable the gmail.readonly scope, which allows the application to search your inbox for messages which have been sent as replies to emails you’ve sent from the Public Address platform.

Once your administrator has followed the steps below, you’ll need to go to G Suite Enterprise Authorisation, under Platform Management, and select ‘Verify.’ You’ll be prompted to log in and out of your Google account on the Public Address platform.

Depending on your browser, you may also need to clear your cookies associated with Public Address as Google’s OAuth process stores some of these settings in your cookies.

Below is some more information for your IT administrators to help them in whitelisting our application and some more information about how we securely manage your data.

Information for IT administrators

To ensure the integrity of your data, we only request access to the following scopes:

  • gmail.send, in order to be able to send emails on your user’s behalf and create tracking data on opens and engagements with links
  • gmail.readonly, in order to be able to use the messageid associated with the message we have sent on your user’s behalf to locate replies to this message
  • contacts, in order to enable your users to email their contacts from the platform

When we access your user’s mailbox, we will only ever access emails via the messageid, which identifies emails which have been sent via our platform.

Authorising the Public Address application is simple and only requires a couple of minutes of your time. The details of our application are below:

To enable access, simply head to the G Suite admin panel, select security and scroll to the bottom of this list to select App Access Control – or click on this link: https://admin.google.com/u/1/ac/owl/list?tab=apps. You’ll be presented with an overview, and you should now select manage third party app access.

Select ‘Configure new app’ and select ‘OAuth App Name or Client ID’. You can now either search for Public Address or copy and paste the application ID then select Public Address.

You’ll now be asked to provide Trusted or Blocked access – please select Trusted in order to enable the full benefits of Public Address.

Now select configure and you’re all set.

For more information about whitelisting apps, please visit Google’s help centre at https://support.google.com/a/answer/7281227?hl=en

We’re available at adminsupport@publicaddress.com.au or 1300 148 058 to answer any of your questions on this important subject.

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