Why is Public Address sending attachments as links?

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The number of emails not being delivered to the intended recipient is on the rise, with between 10-20 per cent of emails failing to reach their intended destination.

At Public Address we’re laser-focused on ensuring that every email that you send through the Public Address platform reaches its intended recipient, and isn’t picked up by any anti-virus software or blocked by the recipients mailboxes.

Large attachments will often be blocked by the receiving email server, so to ensure that doesn’t happen to your email and to ensure prompt delivery of every email through the platform, attachments larger than 3.5mb will automatically be sent as links which the recipient can open from their device.

You’ll see a warning to let you know that this has happened and when it has, you won’t be able to turn the ‘send attachments as links’ option. If you’d really like to send that as an attachment, try compressing it or reducing the file size and together we can make sure that email gets to its intended recipient.

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