Release notes

Bounce-backs, auto-replies and direct replies

 If you receive a bounce-back due to a sender not being present on the domain, or an auto-reply (i.e. an out of office), this will be routed back to the email address you specify during the campaign set up. Any journalists replying directly to your email will be sent to this address as well.

We’ll be patching this with a solution where the campaign management tracking function will display bounce-backs and autoreplies and have the option to manage journalist replies. This is expected to be delivered before the end of the month.

Setting a time to distribute your release

If you set a time that is prior to the current time, your release will be distributed in the next 15 minutes after you click ‘send emails.’ No error message will be displayed at this point.

Interview booking

Interview booking will be added in a future release. You will be able to add up to 10 interview slots which are then bookable by people who have received your pitch email.

Moving between stages

The wizard allows you to go from later steps in the wizard to earlier ones and vice versa. One thing to note is that if you make changes they won’t be saved unless you click save draft.

Changes you make to the pitch after uploading a media list will not be saved and you will need to edit the pitches individually, or create a new campaign.

If you add new media contacts to the list through reverting to step four, the first pitch you created will be applied to these outlets you add.

User roles and permissions

Currently there is only one type of user, which is able to view all campaigns on that platform and manage users. We'll be adding different user roles (i.e. an administrator role who can manage and reset passwords, create new users and manage billing etc) over time. 

We're also planning to create the ability to have campaigns which are private to your account, but this may not be introduced during the beta.

Sending out >100 emails

Each platform currently can distribute 50 emails every three minutes, helping to ensure deliverability of these emails and minimize spam-like activity. If your list is greater than 50 emails, these will be distributed in batches of 50 emails every three minutes until the entire list is distributed, i.e. a 200-email list will take 12 minutes to be completely distributed.

If your release is particularly time sensitive and you’d like every email distributed at the same time, please let us know and we can ensure that your list is distributed in a five minute window following you clicking send.

Things you should know

formatting your media list

You can either directly import a Telum or Meltwater media release using the appropriate selection on the Media List tab in Public Address. If you're not using Telum or Meltwater, please format the media list using the following output selections from your media list provider:

  • Type of organisation
  • Full name       
  • Media / Organisation
  • Media type / Contact type     
  • Job title          
  • Work email/Email     
  • Sectors Landline/Phone          
  • Fax     
  • Mobile work   

Email forwarding

Currently we can’t notify you when an email you distribute through Public Address is forwarded to another individual – what you will see is a high number of clicks on the email if the forwarded recipient opens it.

Over time, we plan to be able to show you when another journalist has clicked through on an email you have sent through Public Address.

Filing releases for later

One of the options journalists will receive in a pitch is a ‘Maybe – File this for later’ which provides them with a repository for saved Public Address releases. When a journalist selects this option, they’ll receive an email with a private link to access their personal repository.